Ray Hash -- Coordinator

(253) 677-6439

After extensive and exhausting research, Joe found that magic is real, if only you believe.

Chuck McNeal -- Treasurer

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When Ian isn't working, he's sleeping, or riding, but NEVER at the same time. 

(253) 389-7818

Ian Morris -- Master Sergeant at Arms

Secretary -- Laura Cain

Ever since he was a little boy, Ray wanted to be a superhero. Since he didn't have super powers, he decided to become a biker. (Next best thing right?)

Committee Heads

Membership: Laura Cain

​Legislative: Laura Cain

​Public Relations: Mitch Nelson


Webmaster: Joe Cain

Safety & Education: 

Quartermaster: Ray Hash



Bylaws: Laura Cain

Road Cleanup: Ian Morris

Chaplain: Joe Cain

Road Captains: Ian Morris / Ray Hash

Deputy Coordinator -- Joe Cain

Laura has been Secretary so long, and does such a good job at it, that no one else dares even accept a nomination for this position.