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Chuck is a real go-getter. Especially when his wife is the one telling him what to go get. Good man.

When Ian isn't working, he's sleeping, or riding, but NEVER at the same time. 

(253) 389-7818

Ian Morris -- Master Sergeant at Arms

Deputy Coordinator -- Joe Cain

Ray Hash -- Coordinator

Laura has been Secretary so long, and does such a good job at it, that no one else dares even accept a nomination for this position.

Secretary -- Laura Cain

Ever since he was a little boy, Ray wanted to be a superhero. Since he didn't have super powers, he decided to become a biker. (Next best thing right?)

(253) 677-6439

After extensive and exhausting research, Joe found that magic is real, if only you believe.

Chuck McNeal -- Treasurer

Committee Heads

Membership: Laura Cain

​Legislative: Laura Cain

​Public Relations: Mitch Nelson

Products: Frankie McNeal

Webmaster: Joe Cain

Safety & Education: 

Quartermaster: Ray Hash



Bylaws: Laura Cain

Road Cleanup: Ian Morris/ Mitch Nelson

Chaplain: Joe Cain

Road Captains: Ian Morris / Ray Hash